Unnamed waterfall in Cispus Valley

Unnamed waterfall in Cispus Valley

Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA

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Cispus Pass sitting–Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA

Cispus Pass sitting--Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA

The first ‘official’ pass of Washington! WOO HOO!! Here I am taking a break, looking at some maps, pondering the descent into the gorgeous valley below 🙂 SO BEAUTIFUL here!

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Descending the Knife’s Edge, Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA

Descending the Knife's Edge, Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA

This was one of the most scenic and challenging yet fun sections in the entire state of Washington. I think it is my favorite 🙂 Goat Rocks Wilderness, the Knife’s Edge

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Nice Crocs!

Nice Crocs!

From White Pass to Snoqualmie, I walked 3 days in my crocs due to HORRIBLE heel blisters. They worked, and got me there, even though the consequence was a wrecked gait and severe pain. But all was well :O)

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Food prep! Gotta have powdered whole milk!

Food prep! Gotta have powdered whole milk!

Hotel room in White Pass, packing up before heading out into the rain. This is NIDO powdered milk, one of my favorite items 🙂

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Bridge of the GODS!! Entering WA

Bridge of the GODS!! Entering WA

Another hiker, 5-star, took this picture as we crossed over into Washington state, on the Bridge of the Gods. SO exhilirating! One of the finest moments on the trail 🙂

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Wildflower viewing–Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA

Wildflower viewing--Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA

Beginning of Washington, end of Goat Rocks Wilderness, day of arrival to White Pass (Packwood), WA.

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Update from….HOME!!

Hello all, I am finally home! It is great to be done and relishing in my great accomplishment, although, I must admit it is a bit strange to be in a house, having different clothes to choose from, eating and cooking from a kitchen, and NOT walking 25 miles a day. Also, it is taking my body some time to adjust to the different environment. It is so dry here compared to Oregon and Washington’s forested, wet, and cool climate. But life is great, and I am very happy. 

After spending the night at Manning Park, BC with my new trail friends (Skip, Astrid and Israh), I jumped on a greyhound bus, rode a stormy 4 hrs to Vancouver, where I then caught the skytrain over to the airport. I flew from Canada to Salt Lake City, UT very smoothly, without ANY hiccups whatsoever. Amazing, really. I thought I may have a slight problem with my passport because it still has my maiden name on it, and my ticket was booked in my new name, BUT there was no problem at all. Sweet! I arrived in Palm Springs at 1030 pm, to my wonderful husband and parents. They even had flowers and a banner for me. It was a very happy reunion, free from tears. We then drove up the hill to Joshua Tree, to our new home. Everything was perfect, and I felt so good walking into the space. It already felt like home. Frazier did an amazing job this last month moving us in and getting everything where it should be. 

The next morning, we awoke somewhat early (7am), ate breakfast and had coffee together (WOW!) and got ourselves ready to drive to Zion National Park, where we would be meeting our friend Phillip, who had extended an invitation to a weekend of leisure. This included a room at the Driftwood Lodge, a beautiful scenic hike in the park, a massage, and some delicious gourmet food). What a welcome home treat!! It was perfect fall weather, and I had a great time eating and getting pampered. Thank you Phillip!

We got back home today, and got ourselves ready for the week. We did a little budget planning, bought groceries for the week, took a walk with the dogs, and made an amazing dinner of Costa Rican rice and beans, jicama tomato and avocado salad, and queso fresco. SOOO good. For the first time all day, I felt satisfied. I am still so hungry!

Tomorrow, I will be re-organizing the blog and posting the last of the entries for Washington and of course, PICTURES!! So, stay tuned, I am not done yet!


Again, thank you so much to all of you for being so supportive and loving during this adventure. It meant a lot, and got me all the way to the border. I really can’t thank you enough. You know who you are, and I will be seeing you soon! Love ya!

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Woody pass! Morning of border day! So cold


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So happy!


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