Future Slideshow ????

Hello all! I am starting to think about and create a slideshow of photos from the trail to share with folks, since the request has been made by several of you. I have just a few questions for those of you who are interested in seeing it:
1. What do you want to see/know from my trip

2. Can you provide any helpful tips in the production? What makes for a successful slideshow? 

3. Would you go see a presentation of my adventure?



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Washington Favorites

From the end of the state southward

1. Woody Pass & its snowy ridge

2. STEHEKIN!! Best little remote town of the entire trail

3. Firecreek Pass and its corresponding valley; stunning, and great creeks

4. Mica Lake (desending Fire Creek pass)

5. Sally Ann Lake; small and cute, glacial

6. Alpine Lakes Wilderness (just after Snoqualmie Pass): BEAUTIFUL campsites

7. White Pass in the Glacier Peak wilderness (not the resupply location)

8. Approach to Suiattle River–brand new bridge and approach trails, very large trees

9. Goat Rocks Wilderness–The Knife’s Edge, Mt. Rainier, Cispus Pass

10. The Catwalk just outside Snoqualmie Pass

11. Blue Lake and Mirror Lake (on the way to White Pass)

12. Mt. Rainier National Park

13. Mt. Adams Wilderness (Killen Creek)
14. Bridge of the Gods!

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