Final Gear List–PCT 2013

So, this has been quite delayed, but here is finally a list and synopsis of the gear I used to successfully and comfortably through hike the PCT. Enjoy!
These items can all be found online at outdoor retailers, or you can try or your local REI, or other outdoor shop. If you are local to the High Desert, please consider shopping local, and buy these items from Nomad Ventures in Joshua Tree 🙂

The Big 3

1. Osprey Exos backpack
2. Marmot Helium 20 degree F Down sleeping bag
3. Light Heart Gear Solo + Tent (pitches with trekking poles) + tent aluminum tent stakes + tyvek ground cloth
4. Feathered Friends down pillow (from Ashland on–was a gift)
5. Thermarest Z-rest (from beginning to Ashland) doubled as my sit pad
6. Thermarest Neo-Air x-lite advantage Long (from Ashland to the end)

The Essentials
1. Sawyer Squeeze water filter w/ backwashing syringe
2. 2 1.0 liter Platypus soft bottles (or 1 1.0L and 1 2.0L)
3. Started out with a 3.0 L Platypus Hoser for the desert section (ditched in Kennedy Meadows)
4. 2 1.0L Smartwater bottles (for clean water)
5. Mini leatherman multi-tool
6. Started with Whitebox alcohol stove and windscreen but ditched in Kennedy Meadows
7. MSR PocketRocket (MicroRocket is a good choice too)
8. MSR Titanium .85L kettle
9. Sea to summit titanium spork
10. Sea to Summit water resistant 13.0L roll-top food storage bag
11. Petzl E-lite headlamp
12. Leki Corklite AS trekking poles w/speed lock
13. GoLite ChromeDome ultralight umbrella (for Washington only)
15. Bandana
16. ziploc baggies
17. Paper maps
18. 2 pens
19. Duct Tape (around trekking poles)
20. chapstick and dermatone sunscreen (ditched these in washington)
21. Iphone 4s with Mophie Juice pack for 1.5x more battery power
22. travel charger
23. SPOT connect unit

First Aid/Personal Care
17. Wetones baby wipes
18. Moleskin
19. Neo and bandaids
20. Motrin IB
21. Calcium Magnesium Zinc supplements
22. Nuun electrolyte tabs, and Emergence packets
23. earbuds
24. sunglasses
25. Crocs (camp shoes)
26. back-up pinch light

1. Dirty Girl Gaiters (but ditched when I hit Washington (too much rain, didn’t stay on and I didn’t really need them)
2. Montrail trail runner shoes (started with Badrocks, ended with Mountain Masochist. Sabinos I heard were great too). Brooks Cascadias DID NOT work for me unfortuantely. I tried them for the state of Oregon, and hated them.
3. Mountain Hardwear Canyon LS button down UPF shirt—LOVED IT! lasted from mile 220 to the end!
4. Patagonia Ultralight Down Jacket
5. Mountain Hardwear microchill fleece pants (used from KM to the end)
6. Patagonia Capilene 2 ls shirt for sleeping (ditched in KM)
7. Patagonia R1 jacket for sleeping (from KM on)
8. Duluth merino wool base layer leggings for sleeping (ditched in KM)
9. Smartwook UL PHD outdoor socks mini crew and micro crew
10. Injingi original weight micro and mini crew toe socks (in cute colors too)
11. Smartwool or Patagonia underwear
12. Running shorts from K-mart, REI hiking skirt
13. Colombia sportswear sun hat (lasted the ENTIRE trail!)
14. Patagonia fleece beanie
15. Fleece or wool fingerless glove mittens
16. Mountain Hardwear Rain Jacket
17. Marmot Precip rain pants

I think that is it. I probably forgot something, so I will check back later…

With these items, my BPW was 17.2 pounds. Not superlight, but damn comfortable!

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