Hello, my name is Jamie and I am hiking the PCT this year! I just turned 30, am a newly wed (December 2012) and quit my job as a ranger at a non-profit nature preserve to see what I could find out about life, me and the world. I was feeling stagnated, unchallenged and unfocused, so why not set a completely empowering goal of walking from Mexico to Canada? I need some mental toughening up, want to be ready for the next chapters in life (kids and a brand new job), and want to have an adventure. So here’s to the adventure! Wish me luck!

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  1. Debra says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I’m enjoying your blog. I’m a Florida girl and hope to be doing parts of the PCT this summer with my husband. Hoping you will share insight and valuable info about what/how you are doing–along with your evaluation of camp food and gear. Thanks so much for your info!!!
    Happy trails!

    • Thanks for reading, Debra. I will post a gear list soon and certainly more new reflections after the first 2 weeks from the kick off (Mexico to Whitewater). Happy trails to you too. What parts of the PCT do you have in mind?

      • Debra says:

        Oh–two very short treks for now. The first will be somewhere outside of San Fransisco and the other somewhere in north/central Oregon–we are still in the planning stage. They will likely be only about 40 miles each. If you have anything you can suggest–we’d love your input. 2-3 nights at most for each section. I teach oceanography/geology at Daytona State College and will be attending some workshops out there so my husband and I thought we’d take advantage of it and do some backpacking. We used to live in Boulder and camped/backpacked almost every weekend. REALLY miss it!!!!
        I’d love to know how you charge your phone–if that is what you are using to communicate.
        Thanks so much—REALLY enjoy thinking about what you are doing and where you are…ahhhhhh…..can’t wait 😀

      • That’s awesome! I hope your trips are amazing. Really, any backpacking trip is worthwhile. I would just recommend to go as light as you can, although you don’t really NEED to, since it not long distances. So you could enjoy more luxurious items. I also recommend that you have a bag that fits you properly and that you love. That is the most important piece of gear, and it NEEDS to be comfortable. Feel free to ask more questions about gear until I get the page completed.

        I am using a solar panel that attaches nicely to the front of my pack. Not all packs will accommodate this, so you must try out before. I am using Goal Zero Nomad 7 and I love it, despite the added weight. I think it is around 1.5 lbs but worth it, because I need to have the cell phone to connect to my SPOT connect device, to let people know I am OK. I love the system. I thought it would be a pain in the butt at first, but it isn’t. You can charge the phone directly OR charge the battery pack that comes with it, and then use that to power the phone at night. It will charge the cell phone fully in about 3-4 hours.

  2. Deb says:

    Thanks for the info–we’re already looking into your suggestions!!
    Happy trails….Deb

  3. Karin Burnes says:

    Hi Jamie, my husband and I were both inspired by your story. We have 4 kids and may choose to do the trail with our kids in the future! I wanted to invite you to a partner yoga class in Instant Karma Yoga in Joshua Tree that I am teaching Sunday, Nov. 17th, 2013. Keep up the motivation!


  4. Maike says:

    my boyfriend is about to hike the PCT next year, now its up to me, weather to join him or not. My problem is, that I only hiked once for now, I really liked it, but I don’t know if I do have enough experiences to do the PCT.
    It would be a pleasure if you would contact me for more informations: maike.wiese[at]gmx.de.

    …well and wooow…you did it! Congrats!!!
    …And thanks for your beautiful pics!

    Greets from Germany!

    • You can definitely do the PCT, as long as you love being outdoors and seeing beautiful, majestic, spirit nourishing scenery. You do not need any backpacking experience. You just need to be determined, and have a LOT of endurance and stamina, and be willing to be uncomfortable at times. It is all worth it. It is by no means EASY, but what grand things in life are?? Go, and have fun! Feel free to check out the rest of my blog for more info. Thanks for following!

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