Upcoming presentations of my journey on the PCT last year….

Thanks to all who recently attended my talk at the Rancho Mirage Library. I felt it went really well, and was well received. I had some great, new questions at the end, and will try to incorporate those into my presentation. 

For those of you who asked about my next ones, here they are again. I am also open to doing more, if there is a place and audience that you know would like one. 


This Saturday, May 10th, 3pm: Joshua Tree Library. First come first served, limited space (35 folks max I believe).

July 22 and 23rd: Las Vegas REI;s 6pm (1 at Boca Park, 1 at Henderson). See their websites for more info and to sign up.


These are of course FREE.

Don’t forget to check out my GEAR list. Some of you asked for it last time….


Thanks again, and I hope to see you this weekend!


About jamieannhaney

I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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