Almost a month back home

Well, almost a month has passed since I ended the trail (this weekend will be one month). It is still surprising to me how fast time goes by. In some ways I feel like it was yesterday that I stepped into Canada, but in others, it feels like a lifetime ago. For instance, I quickly got out of my 25+ mi/day hiking shape. I have gone jogging a few times around the house, and cannot go for long without my joints aching. I also pretty much went straight from strenuous exercise to very little. I wanted to rest and be lazy when I returned home, and although I have enjoyed it, I probably shouldn’t have started the ‘recovery’ period that way, because I lost a lot of my cardiovascular capacity, and lifting weights is much harder. 

I went on a 3 mile hike this morning, up Ryan Mtn. in JTNP, and it felt really good, although still slight soreness in the knees, and I was sweating and panting heavily. It was the first real hike since the trail. Being alone, I can go as fast as I want. The hike I did with Phillip and Frazier in Zion was leisurely, and I didn’t get my sweat on. We have walked around our neighborhood almost nightly, walking the dogs, but that is NOT the same.

I forget how much elevation gain there is (I think maybe only 2000 ft?) but I got to the top in 29 minutes! Pretty good, I’d say. I definitely needed to do that. I have been sick the last week with a slight respiratory cold (nothing too bad though) so my lungs were a bit out of shape. I think I should go into the park every day and do some sort of hike. It really is my sport of choice, and what makes me the happiest 🙂 I also met a nice older couple at the top, who actually knew Frazier from Whitewater. Small world! They were very nice, and of course, as we got to talking, the trail came up. They were really interested it and thought it was a really awesome thing to be able to do. They asked me all kinds of questions, and it turns out they knew a lot of the trail and other people who had done it. They are avid hikers themselves, and live in Palm Springs. 

I have been getting ready this week to have our first yard sale this weekend. When Frazier moved us into the new house here in Jtree this summer, he filled up the patio room entirely with old junk that we don’t need anymore, and asked me to organize a yard sale. So, I am making signs, and flyers and will get to laying it outside on tables tonight and tomorrow. We hope to make a bit of extra cash from it, since we are living off of 1 income at the moment. The rest we will donate to the local thrift stores. I am excited, and it should be a fun learning process. 

I start part time work at the local outdoor shop in town, Nomad Ventures, next month, which I am happy for. I am also studying for the CBEST test, so that I can apply with the local school districts to be an emergency substitute teacher. These are things that I know will not be long-term jobs, but things to help me prepare for my next move before we have kids. We want to start trying next year sometime. Our goal this year is to get all of our finances in check and have some savings for kids, travel, and retirement.

Oh, I am also getting a bike! Frazier had this old bike hanging out in the garage, that just needed some tuning up, so he took it to the bike shop to get fixed, and we will get it back tomorrow. He already has his own bike, so he has started to ride it down to work. Then we can start exercising together on the bikes, instead of having to run in the evenings. I really don’t like running all that much…I am excited to go riding in the national park too.

Well, thats it for now. Hope everyone reading is doing well, and if I haven’t come to see you yet, I will! I miss all of you!

PS. I have finished the pictures for a slideshow, and will be posting a link to see it on Flickr. Then I will post the informational one, without pictures.


Love, Jamie


About jamieannhaney

I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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2 Responses to Almost a month back home

  1. Jane Udall says:

    Jamie, you are a much admired gal and the envy of all of us “old” hikers. I’ve so enjoyed reading of your adventure and seeing the article in The Desert Sun. I know a celebrity now! All the best to you and Frazier and may the adventures ahead bring you happiness and fulfillment.
    Jane Udall

    • thank you very much, Jane! It was an incredible experience. Now to integrate the lessons I learned into everyday life, and keep challenging myself.

      I hope you are well and maybe we will see you around the desert 🙂

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