Friday 9/21 mile 2558 – 2580 equals 22 miles! Stehekin! Oh my God! I am in Stehekin! I am in a hotel room at the Stekehin Lodge right now. Just showered after a pretty great meal at the landing here. The town is so amazing! It’s small, remote, right on Lake Chelan. Only a few things have here – a ranch /lodge. organic farm, post office, bakery, school and lodge/hotel with public landing, phone, etc. No TV or phones in the rooms though! Boo. Can’t call Frazier to let him know I’m here. But tomorrow is zero day because of the post office hours (tomorrow is Sunday) so maybe I will call him then. Four more hiking days! Woo hoo! I really can’t believe I am here.

Okay, details about the day. I woke up to rain again but it really wasn’t that bad. So, I packed up. Started hiking in the rain. Again, my feet got instantly wet, instantly freezing. But nothing too bad. I thought the morning was really easy and by lunchtime I had done 12 miles.

– Trail rain alongside the south trail around the South Agnes Creek most of the day – so beautiful

– downhill most of the day

– Cedar Camp for lunch

– Astrid and Isram reunion – YAY!

– Hiked the last 9 miles with them, really fast, too fast really because my feet and legs hurt very bad and were really numb

– arrived at High Bridge (North Cascades Natnl Park!) At 4:40 p.m. Stehekin!

– Reunited with another hiker, Skip. Hadn’t seen him since Etna.

So happy to be around friends again. Especially for this last trail town stop. Wow. We are also excited to have made it here. This is it. Now I start to think about the end. Theoretically, it’s only four hiking days away. This day of next week, the trail journey will have ended. Oh my God! Anyway, this is so glorious and magical and everything I imagined it to be and better. I am in love. It feels like a magical fairytale, and I am in a dream. It’s green, lush, welcoming and beautiful. It’s a very small town on one side of Lake Chelan, a large mountain lake, blue as my down puffy:)   And today was mostly blue skies with a few clouds but no rain! Yes. We took the N Cascades NP red shuttle bus from High Bridge into town. They stopped at the ranch first, then the bakery/post office, then the landing. Got a room to share with Skip at the landing since they were very pricey! Yikes! But really nice. No phones, TV or Wi-Fi though. Ate dinner (pretty good not great) at the landing, also not cheap. Great large room. Very sore and achy though: (. Tomorrow is a mandatory zero due to the post office. Will leave here Monday midmorning. 

Saturday 9/22

– bakery stop (ate three large pastries YUM and coffee)

– garden stop

– the landing for laundry, sorting, resting, call people etc.

About jamieannhaney

I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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2 Responses to Stehekin!

  1. Rosie Terry says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I opened this email up just today and was taken back to your wonderland adventure again. I like how you add little tidbits of info: eating three pastries with coffee in one sitting. Yum! Legs numb with cold and achiness. You mix up the comforts with the hard realities very nicely. How are you feeling these days? How’s your job at Nomad Adventures? Are you still preparing a slide show of your hike?

    Hope to see you soon.

    Take care, Rosie

  2. jamie says:

    Hi Rosie! It’s so nice to receive your comments from the blog still 🙂 Thank you! I miss it now, that i have been home for a few months. Crazy, it seems like so long ago now that I was walking 25 miles a day!! It really was grand indeed. I am doing pretty well these days, just hanging out with Frazier, family and friends, and working part time at Nomad Ventures, It is a fun job, and I get to work with some fun people too. Not stressful at all. I am gearing up to get my substitute teaching license, so that i can see if I want to become a teacher. Also thinking about other career options, like starting my own business… I love being back up in Jtree, and our home is awesome. In some ways I like it much better up here. I do miss the river though!

    I am going to give a slideshow/presentation of my hike on Feb. 3rd at the Palm Desert Library. I am not sure of the time yet, but will have that info soon for you. You are invitied of course, along with Dawn and anyone from Whitewater. It is for the CVHC and Desert Trails hiking club, but i can invite whoever I want. So let me know.

    Good to hear from you, I hope you are doing well. Miss you!

    Love Jamie

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