Future Slideshow ????

Hello all! I am starting to think about and create a slideshow of photos from the trail to share with folks, since the request has been made by several of you. I have just a few questions for those of you who are interested in seeing it:
1. What do you want to see/know from my trip

2. Can you provide any helpful tips in the production? What makes for a successful slideshow? 

3. Would you go see a presentation of my adventure?



About jamieannhaney

I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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6 Responses to Future Slideshow ????

  1. Patty Carpenterhughes says:

    • Everything
    • Your enthusiasm
    • You bet!

  2. Cindy Zacks says:

    We want a slide show!!!

  3. Yes! Bring the slideshow on!

    Btw, Rob and I have been gone for two weeks and just picked up your trail notes from the third week of September, so I’m transcribing and posting them tonight. Afraid it is another time warp… sorry about that.

  4. Ron says:

    I love to see the pictures from the hikers. I’ve seen Flickr used for this – free. Of course, no sound, no pacing. I understand that Macs have iSomething that does slideshows almost automatically once you have picked out the images. Good luck. Thanks so much for sharing the details of your hike as you were doing it.

  5. Caroline says:

    A slide show would be great. Just go with your instincts and we will love it.

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