Oregon thunderstorms are scary! Rockpile Lake, new friends, and huckleberries galore! mile 2022

Ending the day with a superb campsite and good company! Woo who! [Friday, August 23 mile 1998-2022-Rockpile Lake] No rain today, just clouds and cool weather and a bit of wind tonight. Nothing too uncomfortable, thank goodness. Last night was kind of scary – all alone with a huge, high energy thunderstorm on top of me – lots of lightning from 9 PM to midnight and really loud claps of thunder. Luckily no strikes near or on me. I camped alone, as I left from Bend/Sisters without any PCT company 😦 I think everyone that was there in town, saw the weather still lingering from yesterday and decided to stay. But, I couldn’t afford another zero day, and didn’t need it, honestly. I did manage to fall asleep before it was over, surprisingly; then I woke up at 2 AM to pee and it had ended. I was dry! My tent did just fine in the heavy rain. No wind though. This morning I hiked 3 miles to Big Lake youth camp, where I took a one-mile side trail off the PCT, mainly to find a replacement eating utensil, since I stupidly left it behind at the motel in Bend. What a huge, well put together camp! Like the Parent Trap only better. Lots of cabins and lots of people. Very nice. I looked in their HUGE hiker box and found some whole milk powder and chocolate almond butter – Woo hoo! I also charged my phone a bit and got a spoon and fork from the kitchen. They are real, so they are heavy, but I need something to eat with. My feet were hurting again pretty bad so I took out the new insoles I had just purchased from REI in an attempt to solve whatever problem I am having, and put back in my super feet insoles seemed to help a lot, but still hurt a bit. Oh well.  Ran into Teton, Beehive, and Bluebird and Thor. Bradley and Melissa should also be close behind me. Yay! I walked through a lot of burned forest today, and the weather was starting to become windy and cloudy, and I became nervous. I didn’t want to go through another thunderstorm tonight. But at least I would be with people. Tomorrow is expected to have more showers before 11 AM then it should clear up. I will be meeting Juliana, Frazier’s nephew’s wife, and her kids Meghan and Dylan at Timberline Tuesday for lunch if I make my miles. I told their little girl Meghan, awhile ago, that I was going to walk to her house in a few months, so I wanted to see her so I wouldn’t be a liar. They live an hour from Timberline. So excited for Timberline Lodge! And food!

0h, Three Fingered Jack was pretty spectacular today. Entered Mount Jefferson wilderness by mile 10 today. Ate lunch at Santiam Pass trailhead early [12] and dried out my tent.  August 24  mile 2022-2047  8 AM-7:30 PM

Camping with B and M and five-star, a new thru-hiker, to me at least.  Walked through Jefferson Park, and climbed a pass (finally!) where it was very cold and windy, and presented us with our first Oregon snow field! Lots of day and section hikers. Beautiful Jefferson Park and Mount Jefferson. Crossed a big glacial Creek, Russell Creek. Heavy bag because hauled 3 Liters of water 10 miles due to milky [silty] glacial creek warning in the maps. Turns out there was good water between that made me frustrated. Very cold, misty, windy last 7 miles uphill over a pass with snow fields! Weird older, creepy section Hiker-Magic Paul that I am glad I passed up. Eight a free pancake this morning from Bluebird and Thor before leaving camp 🙂 Dinner on a picnic table! We all hiked to Breitenbush campground, just a third mile off trail. Woo hoo! Hot cocoa for the first time after dinner. So happy to have friends nearby and be in this gorgeous section of Oregon 🙂

About jamieannhaney

I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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