Time warp: Last Days on Calif PCT

Tuesday 8/6 mile 1530 to 1555 [think Jamie may have meant 1630 to 1655]  (Grider Creek Campground) 25 miles  7:30am-7:30pm

– super hungry all day, ate double snacks and still hungry

– warm and muggy all day, especially at end of day descending into Grider Creek Canyon, all forest and stagnant air

– took an early lunch at Buckhorn Spring with This giant three trunked tree, great spot! Joined by Beevo and Sharkey and Melissa and Bradley

– legs and feet hurt today

– left hip starting hurting a lot at end of day = really sore muscle and pinched nerve maybe

– hot sticky muggy, but was able to swim in the creek once we got to camp nice to cool off and get the clay off  — Brad and Melissa swam too — great way to wash the clothes too!

– dinner at the picnic table! Woo hoo!

– great morning, interesting geology Marble mountains

– not so smokey today thank goodness!!

– ran into a work crew on the trail today


Wednesday, 8/7 9:30pm = mile 1655 Grider Crk CG to mile 1677  (Seiad Valley) 23 miles

Wow! What an excellent day! I love the trail today and the experience, the people, the food, the weather, the trail terrain, all magical today.  Even this campsite is great again today was filled with potential challenging obstacles and I didn’t mind any of them. First, we were greeted at our campsite by a guy named Paul or “the pedestrian” who wanted to know if we were through hiking and if we wanted some breakfast, so of course we all said sure! No questions asked.  We quickly realized he was an unknown random trail angel providing some magic. Woo hoo! He treated us (Melissa and Brad, Beevo and Sharkey) all to breakfast eggs from his farm, juice, coffee, tea, bacon, ham, sausage and cheese and tortillas = breakfast burritos! So needless to say we had a leisurely morning with a late start on the trail but so worth it! He shared with us interesting stories of his through hike experience in 2008 farming and Seiad family and his profession as computer geek — really cool guy.

Second, the 6.4 mile mandatory road walk on the PCT through to Seiad Valley actually didn’t suck like I thought, due to the road being garnished with delicious ripe sweet blackberries which we all consumed eagerly with much delight and great company.  Beevo and Sharkey are the cutest and funniest older couple here — we love them! Third, we got into Seiad Valley before noon and it wasn’t really that hot like we had read it could be (elevation 1300 feet). Fourth, we all ate at Café and had Amazing huge fresh blackberry milkshakes so good! I added a tasty BLT to my order. Then we hung out for a bit making calls and organizing our two day resupply to get us to Ashland and left 2:15 PM for the huge climb out of the valley.  It got a little breezy and a thunderstorm was building so our climb was made much easier. It was not a bad climb at all,  pretty easy,  and I powered up at 8 miles in 4500 feet but it was well graded and got really pretty towards the end.  We all felt so good we kept on going to mile 1677, five more than we anticipated. We got into some beautiful volcanic landscape dotted with forest and carpeted and bright red and orange soils — so cool! When we arrived at Camp at 8:15 PM guess who was there? Ingrid and Tracy and Astrid, Isra and Moonshadow who all left Etna just a few hours before me on Monday, all really cool folks mostly all foreigners too. Britain England Scotland.  

Just a great day.  I felt good much better physically than yesterday not as sore. I also took a pair of socks off to avoid overheating and my feet were fine. I love these toe socks!. Excited to be this close to the Oregon border. I will hit it tomorrow at the end of the day. Significant and monumental! Can’t wait!  Well, I will… LOL. Then Ashland, where I will get to see Joan And give her a huge thank you for her part in getting me here.  Well, time for snoozing. Love you all!

About jamieannhaney

I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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