To Sierra City and Beyond

Sunday 7/15

Today was not so fun.  I pushed myself a bit too hard.  I wanted to see what more mileage felt like, and get all the way into Sierra City before nightfall.  Well, I did make it into town just in time to get some dinner at the restaurant, and it was good, but man was I tired.  The last six miles were rough.  My legs and feet were hurting.  I should have just done 20-22 miles.  But, I was hiking with Nick and i followed his suggestion to try to make it all the way.  Bad idea.  There was no reason for it.  And I missed out on swimming in this amazing waterfall/swimming hole just before Hwy 49.  Anyway, I got to Red Moose Inn, ate ice cream and chicken strips with fries at the Buckhorn Restaurant and found a place to set up camp at the back of the Red Moose (free camping).  I couldn’t find a flat spot and the ground was so rocky I barely got my tent stakes in.  I wanted to just pack up and go up the street to the hotel, but I knew it would be too expensive and I didn’t have cell phone reception to call.  So, I made it work and took 2 motrin IB and went to sleep.

Monday 7/15 ZERO DAY in Sierra City  🙂

It’s 8:13 this morning and I am still in my tent.  My plan for today is to eat some breakfast here at the Red Moose Inn, see how long I will have to wait for a shower and laundry.  If it’s too long, I will call the hotels and get rates and stay in one if not too expensive (less than $100).  Then I need to go to the grocery store, buy 5 days of food, re pack, go to the post office and head back to the trail head.

There is one girl here (PCT hiker) named Doodles who I do not like.  She is not that friendly to me and she is constantly giggling.  Uggghh. There are a few other hikers who I know and some I don’t:  Doodles and Scones; Messenger; Dora[?]’ One Pint, Katie, Lieutenant Dan; Doug; Night Crawler; Guy on a Buffalo; Kenobi; and 10 more?: Coincidence; Squeaks; Rock Steady; G Dubb; Honeybunny/Mike; Watson; Blue Moon and Shock Top; Hanna and Bryce; Aloha; Toots McGoots; Tears for Beers

Woke up at 8am today.  Ahhh .. felt so good to sleep in.  I was even tempted to stay in my tent for longer, but got bored and hungry so I just got up and jotted down a few notes from yesterday.  Foot was still hurting a bit  😦  in the arch this time.  A reminder I can’t jump up to high mileage days so fast.  Especially from 17!  So, I decided to stay here all day, let the foot rest, EAT at the yummy restaurant/deli and enjoy my rest day.  I went into the cafe part of the Red Moose Inn (really just a trail angel house) and sat down at the bar with other hikers and waited to order coffee and some eggs (to save some $$$).  Then I read a magazine, socialized w/ Blue Moon and Shock Top, an older couple hiking the trail — so cool!  Then I went to the general store to buy four days of food and do my laundry.  I lucked out and got an offer from Rymenocerous to share a washing machine and soap  🙂  YAY!  So only spent $1.25 on laundry  🙂  Hung clothes out to dry on the clothes line at Red Moose.  Then I took a FREE shower with towels, soap and shampoo!  So nice!  Then I hung out on the porch some more with everyone, ate a deli sandwich (huge, yummy pastrami) and used wifi to my heart’s content.

Tuesday 7/16  1198 – 1216

Great Day!  Only did 18 miles but it was worth it to camp w/ Blue Moon, Shock Top (older couple), Hitch, One Pint and G Dub.  I hiked w/ G Dub all day, a little bit with Kenobi in the am before lunch.  The hike was great  today.  A nice, steady climb early in the am when it was nice and cool.  We climbed up to this beautiful rim of the Sierra buttes and I was on fire.  I felt great!  Well rested and fueled from a great day in Sierra City.  I ate a ton of ice cream last night and then coffee and chicken strips for breakfast and a chia surge energy gel treat was free from Hunnybunny’s and Brian:)  I was ahead of G Dub and just killing the miles.  We did 12 miles by lunch!  We decided to take the quarter [mile?] side trail down to Deer Lake to have lunch b/c it looked really beautiful and inviting for a swim. It was friggen awesome!  Best lake experience yet on the entire trail.  There was a short beautiful sandy beach with clear blue, perfectly cold and warm water.  So, of  course we swam and it was glorious!  I did not want to get out.  The water was deep enough to actually swim.  AHHHHH … So much fun!  And such clean, clear water!  So we spent two hours there!  Only had nine more miles to do after lunch.  G Dub is hilarious  — such a goof ball.  I was laughing all day.  Easy to get along with.  Then after lunch, we only hiked six more miles to the next spring for water and ran into Shock Top/Blue Moon with One Pint who were all camping at 1216, so we joined them.  I definitely wanted to get farther, but it was a good opportunity to be social again with new peeps.  So we stayed.  It was 5:30pm.  Great day.  Warm and energetic.  Started to get more back chafe though  :9  Need to get diaper rash cream at Quincy.  Hitch and I say we will get to Belden by Friday night.  We will see.  Goodnight.


About jamieannhaney

I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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