More Sierra City Happenings

July 15-sierra city red moose inn

Toots mcgoots birthday today. Aloha her husband came to throw her a party at red moose inn. There were about 15 hikers here tonight. All cool people. Finally met folks I’ve been hearing about, which makes me think I caught up to the big bubble 🙂 Birddog, razor, sneaks, coincidence, king street, hot tub, sweet tooth, guy on a buffalo, doodles and schones.

Ate lots if ice cream
Hot day
Skype with Frazier 
Hitch showed up
Dinner with gdub and messanger
Other world also showed up.
Someone on trail wrote negative note by my note in the register :(I think I know who it was, but can’t play that game, as it is petty and doesn’t matter. I don’t hike with them anyway.

Will do 22 miles a day at least for next week

Sent from Jamie’s iPhone to transcriber today, 7/30

Looking back, I remember being so tired when I arrived here. I was trying to keep up with Kenobi (Nick, from the early days on trail), and get to Sierra City by nightfall, which made the day a 28 miler. WHEW! the last 6 miles were rough, and I was so tempted to just stop at the last river crossing and camp. But I didn’t, I kept on. I am glad I did though, since I ran into the largest bubble yet on trail. There has to be 25 hikers here tonight. And a bunch more leaving tonight. I made it in time to eat some dinner at the restaurant with Messenger, and Doug, and Ruby, a trail angel I had met earlier near Lake Tahoe. Then, after a lot of socializing, I pitched my tent in the backyard of the Red Moose Inn to sleep for free that evening. They didnt really have any rooms to rent, and the motel in town was expensive and sold out. So, I slept on the only space left in the backyard, after agonizing to get my stakes in the VERY rock ground. I almost didnt make them in enough, but luckily I did. Slept well. The next day was a full zero day in town. I needed it, since my foot had begun to hurt from the extra miles yesterday. I ate lots of food, rested, socialized with the other hikers, and skyped with Frazier since there wasnt any cell service in town. Luckily the country store where I bought my resupply from had free wifi. I sat outside on the bench and talked to Frazier, which was really nice. I remember it was after this day, that I increased my daily average mileage to 25 miles. Nor cal had become a bit easier and I was starting to be at my best shape ever :).

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I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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