Sat. morning 5/4/13

We are at Monty’s house, resting.  We just had an amazing night of trail magic here.  We arrived in Warner Springs yesterday with out new hiking pal Partick at around 12/30 pm.  We went straight to the post office and retrieved our first resupply box, well, boxes.  I sent us two because I didn’t know how much food we would really need.  So, along with a few other fellow hikers, Fred, Out & About, Mikey, Christina, Patrick, we went through our food.  I actually did a pretty good job of packing what we would need for 4 days into the boxes.  Frazier was pleased :).  I did have some extras (like boring oatmeal) that sent back home to ourselves.

Oh, and as we arrived at the post office some random person drove in and offered us some half cold beer.  Patrick and Frazier each got one, which they shared with me.  It was so good.  One was Great Divide Scotch Ale.  It was yummy!  So we sat in the post office parking lot, sorting our food, happy as clams then we noticed there was a van shuttle coming in to take people over to the community center, where all the hikers were going for food, resupply items, phones, computers, showers and camping. So we just  waited for a short bit for the next shuttle.  It was awesome.  The community center was full of hikers ready for their first real zero day.  Everyone was sorting through their resupply boxes and resorting, eating.  We quickly ordered our lunches and showers and then sat down with our friends Mikey and Christina to eat.  Then the famous “Warner Springs Monty” came over and invited us and a few others over to his house for some “trail magic” which included food, showers (real ones), laundry and comraderie.  So we accepted.  We succeeded in getting our friend Patrick in too.  

Patrick is way cool.  From Seattle.  Very strapping and handsome.  He had never backpacked before, and is loving his experience so far.  So we got to Monty’s and enjoyed macaroni salad right away along w/ laundry and a shower.  He even gave us a pair of clothes to wear as we washed our clothes.  The shower and laundry was probably the best part for me.  I was so dirty and stinky, it felt awesome to be clean.  It really hadn’t bothered until this last day.  The food was pretty good too.  I definitely consumed enough calories to sustain all the hiking.  Frazier says the best part of being here at Monty’s is Monty.  Getting to know him, see his lifestyle which is all revolved around hiking, and hearing his funny hiking songs, which he played on the guitar for us all after dinner.  He is a trip.  Very zen but quirky and funny too.  He doesn’t like loud noises or profanity though which is totally respectful.  We all were really good at following that.  People we hung out with at Montys:

–  Monty – host, hiker, trail magic deliverer

–  Patrick

–  Moose

–  1 pint

–  Andrew – golite guy, smiley

–  Chris – smoker, 45 year old girlfriend

–  Jamie and Frazier

[transcribed by Joan:  please check back later because there is more to come.. about Jamie’s new trail name!  …  to be continued this afternoon]


About jamieannhaney

I am a 30 yr old, newly married, nature loving, hiking girl, set out to have a challenge, adventure and rite of passage out of kid-hood. I have an amazing life, husband, and friends, and I just want to be the best person I can be for all of that love around me :)
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1 Response to Sat. morning 5/4/13

  1. David Richards says:

    That’s where I’d like to be–hiking. On beautiful spring days like this.

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