Thanks! Palms Springs library presentation was a great turnout!

Thank you to all who came to my presentation at the Palm Springs Library last week. It was a huge success with 127 people! I was stoked to see all of your enthusiastic faces. I was just about to be under the weather with a cold, so it really energized me to give a great (hopefully) presentation to you all.

Be sure to check out my gear list on this blog, if you forgot some of the things I showed you. And, feel free to contact me with questions or requests for other presentations. I will be taking the next couple months off due to another adventure (having a baby!) but can do some in the spring if requested.

Thanks again!

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Thanks to all who came out to Whitewater Preserve last weekend!

I gave another great presentation last weekend, October 12th, of my trek on the PCT last year. It is so crazy that is has been over a YEAR now that I finished my monumental journey. It really was such a privelage to have been able to go on such a rewarding and challenging adventure. I really have fun reminiscing and sharing my experience with you all.

On another note, I have some news!! I am 6 months pregnant, and will be a MOM come January of the new year. I am so excited and beyond thrilled to embark upon this new chapter of life. I feel so blessed for everything I have and have experienced thus far, and looking forward to what life has to bring, and what I can bring to the world 🙂

I have ONE more presentation coming up, and then I think I will be taking a break from them for a bit…

December 10th, 2014, @ the Palm Springs Library. If you haven’t seen one yet, or know someone who wants to attend, be sure to spread the word. Its a great venue! See you there!

Thanks again!

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WOW! Thanks again to those who came to my last presentation at the JTree library

I wanted to thank everyone who came to hear my talk last weekend at the Jtree library. I think I had around 25 people there; a mix of family, friends, coworkers, new faces, and even 2 current thru-hikers! I had a blast once again, reliving my journey through my presentation. I am so honored to share my story with so many interested folks. I really can’t believe it. I had no idea last year when I was hiking that a year later, I would be telling my story to crowds of people. It is so much fun! I really enjoy the new confidence it has given me 🙂

I would LOVE to spend some quality time this summer, going over my blog posts and putting together a story for a book someday. A few folks have suggested to me that I should write a book (maybe because the book “WILD” by Cheryl Strayed has become so popular so fast…..?) SO, here is a question for you all. If I wrote a book about my PCT adventure, what would YOU want to read about? What would the angle be? What is the most interesting to you? What would make YOU buy a copy? I would love to have your open and honest feedback. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to turn what I did into a satisfying creative project for me.

Again, for those of you that have friends interested in my talks, I will be giving 2 more over the summer (so far) in Las Vegas at the REI stores: July 22nd and July 23rd at 630 pm. They are free, and you can register for the lecture at their individual websites.

Now, onto a summer of fun and adventures in home nesting 😉

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Upcoming presentations of my journey on the PCT last year….

Thanks to all who recently attended my talk at the Rancho Mirage Library. I felt it went really well, and was well received. I had some great, new questions at the end, and will try to incorporate those into my presentation. 

For those of you who asked about my next ones, here they are again. I am also open to doing more, if there is a place and audience that you know would like one. 


This Saturday, May 10th, 3pm: Joshua Tree Library. First come first served, limited space (35 folks max I believe).

July 22 and 23rd: Las Vegas REI;s 6pm (1 at Boca Park, 1 at Henderson). See their websites for more info and to sign up.


These are of course FREE.

Don’t forget to check out my GEAR list. Some of you asked for it last time….


Thanks again, and I hope to see you this weekend!


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Presentations galore! A big Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has come out recently to hear me talk about my journey last year (already??) on the PCT, my most recent one being this last Saturday at Whitewater Preserve. I had a full room of 30 ppl, mixed with past work colleagues, family, friends, and hiking aquaintances. I have had a great time sharing my adventure with you all and re-telling my stories. It brings back all the fond memories of my experience. I can’t wait til I get to go backpacking again (prob just a short 4 day’er in the Sierras with the hubby, and hiking Mt. Whitney this summer).

I wanted to remind you all again, that I have 2 more presentations coming up in May. One at the Jtree library on May 10th at 3pm and the other at the Rancho Mirage Library on Thursday May 1st at 3pm. 

I also got invited to present at the two REI stores in Vegas, Nevada. They will be July 22nd and 23rd of this summer. If you are interested in those, you have to go to the REI website for those stores and register (they are free, but limited seating). Or, just contact me directly. We are going to take the advantage to do some climbing/hiking in Red Rocks, and water adventuring on Lake Mead, since the hubby has never been there.

I am also super excited to be able to go to the PCT kick-off event this year at Lake Morena CG. I would have went on my own anyway, BUT, my boss requested that I attend for work, since Nomad Ventures Idyllwild (we have a gear shop there, where PCT’ers hit up during their resupply stop) was asked to set up a vendor booth with gear to purchase!! Such a lucky turnout for me. I will be getting paid to reminisce with fellow 2013 PCT’ers, and have a blast with all things thru-hiking. That will be the end of this month, for 2 days. I must admit, I am really missing the trail right now, and find myself daydreaming about it often. It was truly a wonderful thing that I was able to experience. 

Thanks again, and happy hiking season!

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Time flies! 1 yr anniversary of setting foot on the PCT coming up quick!

Wow, I cannot beleive that it has been almost a year since I first stepped foot on the PCT, and began my thru-hike. Some days I can’t believe I did that, and others I feel like it was such a natural part of me and my life, that, it really doesn’t surprise me. But when I think back to this time last year, I remember being pretty nervous, and anxious, and very busy getting myself ready. I don’t remember ever having a still moment once I fully decided to do this thing (which, was over a year ago, now, Jan. 1st). I was busy researching gear and food, purchasing large amounts of food in bulk, over the internet, and trying to figure out how the hell to pack it all up, and have enough for each segment. Now, it seems like a no-brainer and something I could do in a quarter of the time. I was also out there hiking a lot with my backpacks and weight, getting my feet used to the impact. I remember carrying weight in both Go-Lite and Gossamer Gear bags, and feeling so tired and sore, and thinking ‘how am I ever going to do this…every day, 20 miles a day…. Then I got my Osprey Exos bag from Joan Taylor (thank you again!) and it was SO much better. Yes, it weighed about a pound and a half more than those other bags, but it was so much more comfortable for me. Hiking suddenly became much more fun, and comfy. I wasnt focused on the feeling of my bag. Thank goodness!

Anyways, I guess I am just thinking about all that went into this thing, as people are getting ready for their hikes this year. I am seeing a good amount of folks in the store I work in, gearing up for the trek, and I get to share my thoughts and opinions with them. I am also fondly looking at this year’s trail journals and commisserating with the folks who are getting ready. I would love to help anyone with their planning if you would like to contact me. Its so much fun to talk about what I did on the trail with others. I have to remember to hold back though, and not spill all my experiences and thoughts with them, because I want them to see it and feel it for themselves. You can and should only do so much BEFORE the trail. The rest will come to you, and you will figure out quickly what is going to work for YOU and what you should change. That is half the fun, anyways 🙂

Good luck to the 2014 PCT hikers. It will be one of the best things you have ever done!

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Slideshows of my PCT adventure 2013

Hi all! In case you missed my first 2 presentations, there are 2 chances to see it before the summer hits.


1.Friday March 21st (time/place TBD) ***NOTE: Must be a member of the Mojave Desert Land Trust (or sign up now to be one) to attend.


2. Saturday, April 5th, 2pm: Whitewater Preserve. Reservations required. Please let ME know or call 760.325.7222 


BOTH are free, of course.


I wont’ be giving any of the library presentations until May, unfortunately 😦


Thanks again!



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Doodles Does the PCT book, and other thoughts :)

I just got my “Doodles Does the PCT” book in the mail, and I have to admit, I was anxiously awaiting it. The book is a published version of a girl’s trail journal while she was hiking the PCT last year. I met her and her hiking partner, Scones several times along the trail, so her timeline and experiences were similar to mine. Her father inspired her to do a doodle a day, and she comprised them along with a few written passages into a book. I thought it was a very creative idea, and it inspires me to reflect more on my adventure and perhaps make my own book 🙂 

It was really cool to see her days described in the form of pictures. “Mile 1297, Sierra City resupply”, with doodles of the Red Moose Inn, the country store, names of other hikers there at the same time, as well as drawings of the trail along the way. I can look at a doodle and be like, “I remember being there, camping, and it looked just like that”. A great job, Doodles.

Lately, with my presentations and all I am fondly remembering the trail and the wonders it showed me. I miss it, yes, but I have these amazing memories to look back on, and I am so thankful for the experience. It really did change my life, and I am a better version of me now than before I went out there, exploring immersing myself in nature. I cant wait till this summer when Frazier and I get to do our annual mini backpack trip into the Sierras. They will mean so much more to me now. I sure do miss those alpine lakes!

My friend Wade, or Sweet Jesus, is thinking about hiking the Continental Divide Trail this summer. We just got the Yogi CDT handbook at our store (Nomad Ventures) and we have both been perusing it frequently, dreaming of what it would be like. I have seen a few pictures and videos of the Montana and Colorado sections and they sure do look beautiful. Someday, I will hike through the Colorado region. I am really excited for him if he decides to take on the CDT. It is much more challenging and brutal than the PCT ever thought of being, mainly because of the  extreme weather, snow, ice, high elevations, water issues, and endless routes to choose from. But he can do it! 

I am just beginning to ponder what my summer will look like here in Jtree. I will end my work at Nomad Ventures in May, so I am starting to think about other work. Not sure yet. We will not be trying for a baby until winter time, so I still have some time to make ‘baby’ money. 

We have a few mini vacations planned (our sierra backpack trip, and maybe Indiana to see Frazier’s family). 

Hmm. we will see!


Again, just a reminder that I will be giving more slideshows, 1 in March, 1 in April and maybe 2 in May. So, please let me know if you would be interested in attending one. 


Thanks again! Love to all.

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First slideshow was a success! Many thanks :0)

Well, this public speaking thing ain’t so bad….especially when you are talking about one of the best experiences of your life 🙂

I gave my second slideshow last night, to a crowd of about 100 hikers and friends from the Coachella Valley Hiking Club, and it was hit! Thank you to Christy Anderson, Misty and Jo, Phillip Ferranti, Tom Kayne and Eric Baecht for setting this up and making it happen. I had a great time sharing my experience with you all, and answering your questions. They were great! It was an honor for me to be able to present. Thanks also to Jack, Erica, Donna and Warren, Brooke, Slyvia, Frazier, Matt and Dawn for being there, even though you have heard my stories a bunch already. It was great to see everyone and meet some new faces. 

I am just amazed at your enthusiasm and interest in the PCT, and my hike. It was a grand adventure to say the least. I tried my best to fit in the best of moments and pictures, but of course have so much more I could share. So, feel free to e-mail me anytime with questions. 

Looks like there is enough interest for me to do more presentations, so I’ll keep you updated. 

I also may do one at Whitewater Preserve in the late spring, since it IS so close to the PCT…. and my former home!

I hope inspired a lot of you to get out and experience some of the PCT, even if it is just a day hike or mini backpack trip. Here is a link to a GREAT book by the Wilderness Press about day and section hikes for the first 700 miles of the PCT that I found from the website this morning. You should check it out, and the rest of the website too. 

Thanks again, and happy hiking!



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Slideshow this Monday at 4pm in Palm Desert

Hi all! I actually have a few seats left for my slideshow of my PCT adventure this coming Monday at 4pm at the Palm Desert Library. It is for the Coachella Valley Hiking Club, and some folks I reserved seats for cannot make it, so it has opened some up for anyone else I missed that would like to come. I know its late notice, but please email me or make a comment on here if you would like to come. I have room for FIVE (5) more people. 

Again, I will most likely be having 2 more in the high desert later this month or in March. So, keep those in mind too. 

I did a practice run of my show to a few friends in Jtree the other night, and it was a success! Seemed like I had everyone’s attention, so I am really looking forward to sharing it again with more folks.

It is really taking me back to the trail when I share my stories and photos. I miss parts of it already, and plan to re-visit sections in the future. 

Here is my email address:


Thanks again for reading and keeping up with the blog. 



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